John Hodgman Needs to Fix His Zeppelin

I spoke to Daily Show contributor (and person you might recognize from standing next to Justin Long on television) John Hodgman on Tuesday, and I started the conversation seeking his expertise as a deranged millionaire on why fellow rich person Mitt Romney seems to be having trouble grabbing the Republican nomination, before moving on to end of humanity, soccer, and the perils of zeppelin ownership.

John Hodgman will perform at the Rialto Theatre with John Roderick (of the excellent band The Long Winters) and live muralist Joe Pagac on Saturday night.

JH: Why are all these citizens intent on keeping this simple deranged billionaire from winning this nomination? As a deranged millionaire, I’m offended.

DG: Are you sympathetic to his plight?

JH: Yes! Of course I am. He has the money to buy this thing. It has been said to you people time and time again, but yet he keeps getting thwarted. Why? Because of your preference? Since when have national elections been about your preference?

DG: Not recently, at least.

JH: I think it says something something very sad about America, when a billionaire has the financial and structural advantage and the friends who own NASCAR teams can’t even get a lousy presidential nomination. What does that say about our country?

DG: That we don’t regard wealth the way we should, I suppose.

JH: It’s just another symptom that something has gone horribly wrong.