Opti Club Presents Fabian Tomorrow Night

Hip-hop. Electro. Pop. Techno. Combine them together and you have Fabian, a DJ whose beats and remixes are enough to convince me to put my dancin' shoes on.

Enjoy a night of Fabian Thursday night at Club Congress. His beats without-a-doubt fall into today's popular music style categories, but I do hear a hint of '70s disco in there - and a bit of Michael Jackson pop. His website provides a glimpse of his very interesting resume:

DJ Fabian has shared and played along many of today's chart topping artists and has personally worked and created ideas for entertainers from all over the spectrum. From Carrot Top, to Barry Manilow to recently designing the soundtrack to the “Official Michael Jackson European Tribute Tour” for Emmy winner, Travis Payne (This Is It, Dancing With The Stars) choreographer, artistic director for and friend of the late Michael Jackson.

Want more Fabian? Go to the Hotel Congress website for more information.