Presidential Candidate Kip Dean: "The Least of All Evils"

Presidential candidate Kip Dean lays out his presidential platform:

I. I will work to get the everyday citizen involved in the political process. I think that voting turn-out is at a critical low and the public is not involved in our political process. This has led to a stagnate government and an ownership of our great nation by corporations and Wall Street. Getting folks involved with the process is the major tenant of my platform.

2. I will ensure that a retirement with dignity is the right and expectation of every single American, starting with pension reform, expanding saving incentives and preventing the privatization of social security. This is not a government handout. Employees place money into the trust, so does the employer and so does the government. The only problem that social security has is that the trust has been robbed to pay off other debts. Americans want social security to stay the same. I realize that Americans rely on more than just Social Security for a secure and dignified retirement. I will continue to fight for genuine pension reform that protects employees’ financial security from future Enron-style abuse.