Presidential Candidate Jim Terr: "I've Got Nothing Better To Do Between Now and November"

Jim Terr sends along his platform:

I’m Jim Terr. I’ve been a proud Republican all my life. Just like I’ve been a proud resident or Arizona all my life.

Terr—pronounced as in “termite.” The meaning and ethnic origin is unknown. But of course we in Arizona don’t care about that. We care about a person’s inner worth, their willingness to play hard and work by the rules. I mean work hard and play by the rules. Inner worth, I’ve got a lot of that.

When my parents or maybe it was my grandparents, came here, this was just a dusty desert filled with a few cactus and a few so-called Native Americans. They built this up to the thriving, sprawling water-sucking paradise that it is today, where people of all kinds live together in peace and harmony.

I have that same vision for America. Won’t you join me? This is a people’s campaign. In fact I don’t even want to run. But people from all over America said “Mitt, will you run?” (Somehow his e-mail account was diverted to mine for about 36 hours, but it got me to thinking…)