Writer's Block: Richard C. Johnson


Local author Richard C. Johnson examines religion, God and human consciousness in Religion: The Failed Narrative: Clashing Religious Doctrine and the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism. (55 pages, $11.95 on Amazon)

He writes, "I discuss religion and science in parallel as worldviews and grand narratives. I am seeking discussion about why we should continue to rely so heavily on religion for direction when it doesn't provide reliable answers to some of our most vexing social and environmental problems."

Book synopsis (by the author):

Adam Carley, an information scientist, published a proposed mechanism for consciousness in a l994 article appearing in Free Inquiry. The article, “What is Consciousness,” in effect summarizes work done to date by Dennett, Minsky and others — but extends this work by offering a workable model. Consciousness is presented as a sensation — baffling, yet integral to social interaction. Using the hologram (visual, empty image) as a metaphor, I extend this idea to a mechanism for God, proposing that the supernatural is but an artifact of consciousness. I suggest that the image of the self, as well as an elusive God, are aptly represented as holograms.