Let's Look Back on 2011 and Be Sad Together

[Web producer's note: Chris Patyk was, until somewhat recently, the co-host of the morning show on 92.9 FM back when it was called the Mountain and not a station rocking a Lady Gaga song every 20 minutes. He's quite the pop culture savant, so I asked him if he'd like to reflect back on the past twelve months.]

2011 was a year for the present participle.

A year of (in no particular order of importance) 'occupying,' 'planking,' and 'Tebowing.' And no list of 2011's present participles wouldn't be complete without, 'Winning!' On the other hand, let's throw that out with my novelty vial of tiger's blood I bought from eBay user 'SheenMachine.'

Let us reflect on a few choice 'participles':

'Sexting': When New York Representative Anthony Weiner tweeted a lewd picture of himself to a college student it was one of the great political scandals of the summer. Sadly, he didn't help the public's view of Congress. First he denied it was his wiener, then he admitted it was and stepped down from public office. On the bright side, he launched many of the greatest penis jokes since the Bobbitt incident of 1993. And for proof true love knows no bounds of human decency, we had proof of Weiner's worth as he and his wife welcomed a baby boy last week. Mazeltov!