So, The Drive to Phoenix Just Got a Little More ... Kinky

There's not really been much to look at when driving the lonely stretch of Interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix, unless you're like me and your eyes are always drawn to the LED screens that show the difference in price between paying cash and credit for diesel gas at truck stops.

But then came the M Passion Adult Boutique, the best reason to slide off I-10 at Picacho Peak since ... well, ever!

Housed in a renovated store front and tucked between the abandoned Nickerson Farms Restaurant and — I can't make this stuff up — the Arizona Nut House on the west side of the interchange, M Passion opened on Dec. 15, according to the store employee who anxiously greeted my wife and I when we visited on a recent drive home.

The store itself is similar to pretty much any standard adult boutique with its array of clothing, lubes, lotions, appendages, orifices and a video library for all manner of fetishes. Only its location makes it stand out, that and the bright pink exterior of the building, not to mention the billboard that first drew our attention a few miles to the north on I-10.

According to its Web site, M Passion is mostly an online retailer, though it boasts a "showroom" in a mall on Toledo, Ohio.

There's no mention of the Picacho store on its Web site, which includes the statement that it is "MPowering Romance and Sexual Well-Being."

Needless to say, for this store to survive it's going to have to hope it can somehow turn novelty drive-up traffic into repeat customers. After all, isn't a waterproof Vibrating Jackrabbit and some delay creme just as alluring a road trip purchase as a Blizzard or some scratch-off tickets?