Writer's Block: Cathy Hufault


A notable release from last year: Death Clouds on Mt Baldy: Tucson's Lost Tragedy by Cathy Hufault. (290 pages, Arizona Mountain Publications, $19.95) For more information, click here.

Book summary:

On a lovely November day in 1958, six boy scouts set out to climb Mount Baldy in the Santa Rita Mountains. A freak snow storm caught them totally unprepared. Three stumbled back down the trail and the other three became the focus of the largest search and rescue operation in Arizona history—19 days—on foot, by helicopter and horseback.
Death Clouds on Mt Baldy is a haunting historical adventure drama which relays harrowing accounts of rescue, survival, bravery and tragic loss.

Haufault writes:

The book was written as a tribute to this diverse group of inner city kids who ran into trouble on a carefree adventure hike in our wilderness. It also honors the over 750 people who desperately searched for them. Many do not realize that this was the start of SARA, the Southern Arizona Rescue Association.