Give Back to America for the Holidays: Help Pay off National Debt

Who needs dog toys for the holidays when the national debt is looming?

Giving to Toys for Tots, donating funds to fix a child’s cleft lip and sponsoring an aye-aye lemur in Madagascar are noble ways to celebrate the holidays indeed, but we here in America have a duty to give back in a patriotic way.

We can help pay off the national debt.

Soaring to more than $15 trillion, the national debt could use a little TLC from the general public. We the people should do what we can, even if it means going without during our own holiday celebrations.

Sure, it may mean forgetting the black pearl earrings for your fiancé, the suede sports jacket for your beloved beau or substituting the holiday ham and turkey for a “Manager’s Special” salami log.

But we can do it. Let us proudly starve, scrimp and save in the name of the nation. Forget the Christmas candies and fruitcake, we can instead eat bread.

Even aye-aye lemurs can wait when we have this important national issue that needs our urgent attention. Involuntarily acquiescing big chunks of our income is not enough — we can do more for our country.

Uncle Sam makes it incredibly easy to help pay off the debt, as well. A direct link on the U.S. Treasury website under “Financing the Debt” lets you siphon money from a bank or credit card account directly into the nation’s coffers with a few clicks of the mouse.