Buy This Soup! (Extended Version)

So I spend like three hours a week helping feed the homeless, which means I actually do almost nothing. But working at Casa Maria over the years has been a good education. That's why I keep going back week after week.

One of the things I've learned is that life on the streets is especially hard for women. Some are vulnerable and end up stranded in abusive relationships just to add some semblance of security to their lives. Others turn to darker, more drastic things to keep their lives afloat.

And what's strange is that there isn't a single shelter in the city just for homeless women, at least not that any of us at Casa Maria know of. But a couple of ladies are working to fix that, one bag of soup mix at a time.

Like I mentioned in this week's Noshing Around, Annie O'Connor and her crew are selling soup and brownie mixes to raise seed money for a homeless women's shelter. The amount of suffering such a project could alleviate is hard to estimate, but it would be plenty.

If you're looking for something nice to do this holiday season, call 749-1021 to place an order.