Editor's Note

We Have an App for That

As part of the Tucson Weekly's ongoing evolution ... we now have an app.

If you have an Android device, drop everything (unless you're currently reading this on an Android device, in which case DO NOT DROP THIS), and head for the app store. Now.

Download the app. Use the app. Play with the app. And holler if you have any feedback.

I will now take questions on the app and related topics:

How much does the app cost? It's free, of course!

Is the app available on other platforms? Not at this time, but we're hoping to have an app for the iPhone and the iPad up and going shortly. We have to sell an ad or something before we put it into the Apple Store.

What if I am a smart and modern-thinking business owner, and I want to buy an ad or something on the Tucson Weekly app? Email Jim Keyes, our digital sales manager, at jkeyes@azbiz.com.

What do you think of the app, Jimmy? I don't have an Android phone right now; instead, I am languishing with a crappy-ass Windows Mobile phone. However, I did peruse the app on a co-worker's phone, and I like it. It had a couple of glitches here and there—most of which have already been addressed—but otherwise, it's pretty damn fine.

What can I do to get my Tucson Weekly mobile fix if I have neither an Android device nor a co-worker from whom to borrow an Android device? Our Web folks have spent a lot of time and energy on our mobile website, and it's pretty damn amazing, if I do say so myself. Peruse it at m.tucsonweekly.com.