Police Dispatch



OCT. 29, 1:34 A.M.

A drunk man was contrite after he drove a vehicle into a mobile home, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies responded to an accident report at a trailer court; a home had been struck by a car. Deputies found the trailer knocked off its stand and moved approximately two feet from its original position. It had substantial damage.

Deputies apprehended a man and his wife in the court, with the man readily admitting that he was the one who drove into the trailer. The man said they were "very sorry" and were planning on repairing the trailer, whose inhabitants he'd already repeatedly apologized to. The man also apologized "over and over" to most, if not all, of the deputies he met. He readily submitted to a breathalyzer test and admitted he was intoxicated.

When a deputy was about to read the man his Miranda rights, the subject stopped him and recited the rights to himself instead.

While being arrested, he continued to apologize for his actions and thanked the deputy for his service.



OCT. 27, 2:59 A.M.

A man claimed the right to sleep in the apartment of his "girlfriend"—although she claimed they'd split up, a PCSD report stated.

A woman told a dispatcher that her ex-boyfriend was banging on her apartment door and windows while crying, and was calling and sending text messages saying that he was drunk. He'd reportedly been banging on her door and windows for at least 20 minutes.

Deputies found the subject, apparently intoxicated, in a truck. The man told them he'd been at a bar whose name he couldn't remember with a friend whose name he couldn't remember, and that a friend had dropped him off.

He said he was cold and had been banging on the woman's door and windows because he wanted to sleep in her apartment with her. He claimed that she was his girlfriend, whom he'd been dating for about two weeks—and that it was only right for her to let him inside.

He said he'd recently been in prison for shooting a drug-dealer. His truck and pants pockets were full of cartridges, but he had no gun. He said the ammunition was "of special value to his father."

The subject was arrested for domestic violence/disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. On the way to jail, he told the arresting deputy that he was going to sue his "girlfriend," calling her a bitch and saying he was planning to date her better-looking friend.