Latest City Election Numbers. Plus, Your Math Challenge of the Day!

Here’s the latest breakdown the ballot returns tomorrow’s City of Tucson election.

• 39,381 Democrats
• 24,579 Republicans
• 305 Greens
• 503 Libertarians
• 19,304 independents

Turnout has now hit 41 percent. Since this does not include the ballots that are arriving in the mail today and tomorrow, or the ballots that will be dropped off on Election Day, we think it’s safe to say we’re headed for record turnout in a city of Tucson election.

Your math challenge for the day, based on these numbers: Assume that Democratic mayoral candidate Jonathan Rothschild gets 85 percent of the Democratic vote and 5 percent of the Republican vote and Rick Grinnell gets 95 percent of the Republican vote and 10 percent of the Democrat. (We’ll give Green Party candidate Mary DeCamp 5 percent of the Democrat vote.) What percentage of independent voters does Grinnell have to get to win the race for mayor?

BTW, as we mentioned before: The only election results we'll see tomorrow will be posted shortly after 8 p.m. After that, city staff will be sorting and counting the ballots that are turned in at the polls on Election Day. Suzanne Mesich of the City Clerk's Office tells us that roughly 2,000 ballots were turned in on Election Day in the primary and they're expecting a lot more tomorrow, although the exact number is impossible to pin down because we haven't done a vote-by-mail election like this before in Tucson.

Mesich doesn't know when all those ballots will be counted, but on primary day, they had the number nailed down by 9:30 p.m. The Range is guessing it's gonna be later tomorrow because there will be more ballots to count. It may be that none of the races will be close enough for outstanding ballots to matter.

If you're interested in partying with the pols, the Democrats will be at the Lodge on the Desert, 306 N. Alvernon Way. The Republicans will be at the Manning House, 450 W Paseo Redondo. And the Greens will be at Thompson's Tasteful Kitchen, 722 N. Stone. The celebrations (or whatever) start at 7 p.m.