Matt Taibbi Makes Sense of Occupy Outrage

I certainly have some issues with the Occupy movement, particularly now that it has spilled out into cities that are certainly affected by Wall Street, but seem to be too far from a power center to have much protest-related influence, but it's not like I don't understand the general frustration. However, part of the issue that most people seem to have with Occupy Wall Street is trying to understand exactly what's being protested other than general grumbling over the distribution of wealth. The movement would be wise to just start directing those with questions with a blog post from Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi that ran yesterday, which seems to encapsulate just what's wrong with America's relationship with the world of investments. While I hate to spoil the ending, the last paragraph is a killer:

These inequities are what drive the OWS protests. People don't want handouts. It's not a class uprising and they don't want civil war — they want just the opposite. They want everyone to live in the same country, and live by the same rules. It's amazing that some people think that that's asking a lot.