Jonathan Rothschild, Please Start Making Awesome Ads

Jonathan Rothschild's new ad is out, and while I appreciate that it doesn't scare my kids like the ones Tyler Vogt and Jennifer Rawson are running, it's super boring. People I've never met think Jonathan's a swell guy who works hard? He runs a business? Super news! I am now confident this guy will lead us to prosperity! Wait, not really. However, I don't even think Rick Grinnell has ads, although he does have a poorly lit video on YouTube taken in front of El Charro's bathrooms
and something about empty buildings, so I guess Rothschild is winning on that front. Then again, it's not like Grinnell apparently wanted to run until the other Republicans candidates couldn't get on the ballot, so it's not like he's super motivated for the gig.

[Jim Nintzel informed me that Grinnell does have an ad, it just doesn't appear to be on YouTube or aired during TV shows I watch. You can watch it on his website. My bad.]

However, then you see this absolutely incredible ad for San Francisco's interim mayor, Ed Lee:

Yeah, that's an ad. I want to move to San Francisco just to vote for Ed Lee. I'd vote for a different Ed Lee if someone with that name were on ballot here. While I don't expect the Pima County Democrats to cough up the money for a cameo, could you people meet me halfway here? Something at least somewhat interesting? Rothschild jamming with Neon Prophet? An appearance by Daniel from El Guero Canelo? Unprovoked mean-spirited verbal attacks on Portland? Maybe some inspirational group singing? Anything?

[HT: Mother Jones]