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Lessons in Internet Insults

As I mentioned last week, some of the comments on The Range, our daily dispatch, have taken a somewhat nasty turn lately.

While I appreciate it when people come to our site, even if it's to express their outrage, I would like to offer a few tips for those of you who consider yourselves to be like the Don Rickles of the comment section—because so far, I'm a little disappointed by the quality of your work.

First of all, throwing the word "liberal" around is lazy and tired. I know that in some conservative circles, the term is the ultimate insult, and while I would argue about just how liberal the Tucson Weekly is across the board, the label lacks punch in 2011. You came to the blog of an alternative newsweekly, and you're offended that the opinion expressed is somewhat left of center? Big surprise.

Also, there's a skill in delivering a cheap shot that some of our commenters haven't quite grasped. If you take the angle of a recent poster and say that I don't deserve to partake in the world's oxygen (especially considering a former member of the Christian rock-band Petra beat you to that bon mot), I'm not going to take the content of your insult seriously.

Instead, try a little subtlety. Pretend that you've read a lot of my work, and that this particular article was disappointing. Say that you prefer the writing of Rob O'Dell. That might actually sting.

Now get to work dismissing our credibility and humanity, people!

The week on The Range

We celebrated our big haul at the Arizona Newspapers Association's Better Newspapers Contest, including being named Non-Daily Newspaper of the Year; congratulated staff writer Mari Herreras for being named Wingspan Community Ally of the Year; were pre-occupied with Occupy Tucson; chuckled at the phoniness of Sen. John McCain's Real American Jobs Act; continued following the fight between the city of Tucson and the Rio Nuevo board; and watched Arizona Illustrated for both a mayoral debate and another edition of the Political Roundtable, with your host, Jim Nintzel.

We wondered about the phone skills of the Pima County Republican Party; listened for explosions at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base; were brought down by the police raid on a Phoenix cannabis club; were charged up by the new solar panels at Casa Maria soup kitchen; wanted to join in "Treat Yo Self Day"; urged you to stock up on peanut butter now; asked you to consider adopting a dog from the Humane Society; looked forward to the opening of the Union Public House; toasted the reopening of The Home Den; and got hungry for barbecue at Brushfire's new eastside location.

We peeked in on Tucson's underground supper clubs; shared more music recommendations; brought you the latest spin in bicycling news; told you to buy tickets to the Santa Cruz Heritage Dinner; shared some gardening tips; talked about comic books; watched The Electric Blankets' new video; and urged you to consider having your band play at the Great Cover-Up.

Comment of the week

"That's why I went to Luke's immediately after work today and got a meatball sub and a HUGE tray of delicious fries. Treat yo self!"

—Facebook commenter Craig Thorness understands that sometimes you have to indulge to stay sane ("'Treat Yo Self Day' Might Be Best Idea Ever," The Range, Oct. 14).

Best of WWW

Mari Herreras spent quite a bit of last weekend at the Occupy Tucson protest. For her Currents piece this week, she talked to people about what motivated them to come out to Armory Park—and you can hear more from those protesters on Tucson Weekly TV.

We have added a new feature on The Range, as local art-enthusiast and professional-framer Nathan Saxton covers what visual-arts shows he recommends each week. Look for his posts on Mondays.

In "Tucson Weekly infiltrates other local media" news, and just in case you had forgotten or hadn't heard already, The Range's Dan Gibson appears on the KFMA FM 92.1/101.3 morning show with Fook each Wednesday around 8 a.m. Tune in to hear the two take on a new pressing issue in the world of pop culture every week.