What to Listen to This Week: The Weekend Edition

Following up on yesterday's recommendations, here are three songs that could provide fuel for your Friday.

Carl Hanni
Led Zeppelin, "How Many More Times"

It's short, but very sweet: Led Zeppelin never sounded leaner or meaner than on this, their first tour. From Danish TV, 1968.

Curtis McCrary
The McCrary, "Emerge"

The McCrary - Emerge by Groove Merchant 20

Presented without comment, with image:


Mel Mason
Atlas Sound, "Te Amo"

Is there no end to the brilliance of Bradford Cox, frontman of Atlas Sound (and his other incredible project, Deerhunter)? The fluid, emotive power of this track, (which appears on Atlas Sound's newest release Parallax, to be released Nov 8th), cannot be denied. The spacey electronic effects enhance the beautiful melody, while the lyrics drift over it all, creating a vague sense of yearning. My brain seems to have receptor sites that cater specifically to his style of songwriting, and that's OK by me.