If Maricopa County Gives You Hives ... Occupy Tucson

If you want to go up to Phoenix for Occupy Phoenix go (correction, they are not meeting at the the state capitol, but Cesar Chavez Plaza, 201 W. Washington St.), but wouldn't you rather stay home and Occupy Tucson?

Tucson folks met Saturday, Oct. 1 to put in motion Occupy Tucson. If you didn't have a chance to go to the first meeting, there's a second meeting Sunday, Oct. 9, 12 Noon at Veinte de Agosto Park, or as we call it at home the Pancho Villa statue park downtown at Broadway Boulevard and Church Avenue.

According to the Occupy Tucson website, this planning meeting will include time for the working groups to get together for more occupying collaboration.

Here's what went down at the first general assembly meeting:

Congratulations OccupyTucson members on holding our first general assembly! Thank you to everyone who showed, we have a great turnout of 60+ people. During today's event we voted on a couple of items:

That the process for the OccupyMovement will be governed by a general assembly, each motion requiring a 2/3 majority vote to pass.
That the official location for upcoming OccupyTucson events will be at Veinte De Agosto Park.
That we will hold another planning event on Oct. 9th 12pm.
That the official protest/occupation will be held on Oct. 15th

We also created some working groups to help plan and organize the upcoming protest:

Legal Support Working Group
Art/Design Working Group
Food/Water Working Group
IT/Online-Media Working Group
PR/Outreach Working Group
Kitchen/Clean-Up Working Group
Peacekeeping/Security Working Group
Yoga/Meditation Working Group
Medical Working Group