Police Dispatch



AUG. 18, 6:41 P.M.

A woman wound up naked and eating dirt after a day of high-class fun at a resort, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A deputy responded to a burglary-in-progress call and spoke with a woman who said someone had been pounding on her apartment door. When she went outside, she said, she saw a young, barely dressed woman bending over and eating rocks and dirt. When asked if she was OK, the subject said yes, and the resident returned inside.

She then saw two large rocks crash through her window—presumably thrown by the subject.

Other deputies found the subject, naked and apparently confused. Eventually, she told deputies that she'd been hanging out in a hotel room at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort—which she claimed her friend's uncle owned—where she drank five or six glasses of champagne.

She said she and her friends then traveled to a nearby apartment complex, and they smoked some marijuana at her friend's apartment. The subject and two of her female friends then went to a different apartment, specifically so the subject could change her tampon.

After that, she said, she didn't remember anything until she'd woken up on the ground, naked and covered in dirt, after apparently eating some rocks. She said she threw rocks at the woman's window in an attempt to get help.

The subject said she felt extremely violated, because she'd woken up naked and with her tampon no longer in place. However, she seemed to feel very strongly that nobody had sexually abused her, since "she did not feel as though she'd had sex."

The subject's clothes were found in a pile with a small amount of what may have been menstrual blood. She was released to her parents.



AUG. 19, 4:02 P.M.

A man's house was damaged by an old-school weapon, a PCSD report stated.

The man showed deputies an arrow sticking out of the roof shingles above the front porch of his house. It had been shot from the northwest and penetrated his roof approximately 1 to 1.5 inches deep.

The reporting deputy happened to know that a nearby family practiced archery, so he went to visit them. They admitted that they'd recently missed a target in their backyard, where they practiced, and hadn't retrieved the lost arrow.

The family promised to only shoot arrows at an indoor range from that point on. The reportee said he was "very happy that (the family) had decided to stop conducting target practice in his direction."