Best Recreation Area in Southern Arizona

Sabino Canyon

Sabino may be a little tame for your average superhero, but for the rest of us, it's a delightful oasis in our own backyard. Sabino Canyon is where generations of Tucsonans have gone to recharge their batteries—to hike, jog, bike, ride a horse or picnic. You can study desert plants, wildflowers, reptiles, birds, mammals, insects, clouds, stars or your navel. You can wade in the creek or soak your tired feet. There is a small bookstore, and restrooms are available. When the parents visit or the kids get tired, you can hop on the shuttle and get a free natural-history lesson from the driver—who may actually be Doc Savage or one of his assistants, moonlighting as part of their newest wild adventure.

Runners up:

2. Mount Lemmon

3. Madera Canyon