Best Burrito

The idea of what the word "best" means in this context is important. Are the burritos at Nico's the best-tasting in Tucson? Since everyone has their own preferred Mexican-food outlet, it would be tough to gain a true consensus. What Nico's unquestionably has going for it are its incredibly convenient locations, late hours and burritos which are better than the ones at the other late-night joints. Whether you're getting one of the breakfast-burrito options, ordering the classic carne asada burro, or trying to soak up alcohol and bad decisions with a bean-and-cheese (we've all been there, right?), Nico's is always there—and probably right down the street from where you are. The burrito in the hand is the best burrito when you really need one, and it's likely one from Nico's.

Runners up:

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Various locations

3. El Charro Café

Various locations