Another Example of Facebook's Technology Offending, Misjudging Me

I'm not going to lie: Facebook often embarrassingly understands what I like and what I'm interested in. Yes, Facebook, I love cats. I enjoy green tea. I love bikes. They even know somehow that I have a penchant for Yahtzee! I'm going to put my tinfoil hat on now.

But sometimes the algorithm coughs up some things that make me ask, "Really Facebook? With all your eloquent advertising algorithms and advanced social networking software, this is what you think of me?"

Case and point: "barefoot sports shoes".


I personally think these shoes are disgusting. I will never forget the nightmarish interruption to a peaceful coffee date one afternoon when a man at the next table was RUBBING HIS TOESHOES IN PUBLIC. Gross!

Okay, so it's a pretty humorous mistake. But what about their notorious face-tagging software that persistently nudged me to tag this guy after I uploaded pictures from my summer in Beijing?


Well, at least we know computers aren't smart enough to take over the world for a little bit longer.