Ifttt: Another Stupid Name, but a Great Online Service


I suppose there's a vowel-hating monkey working a keyboard somewhere that comes up with the names for these various new online start-ups, coming up with names like Ifttt, but despite the absurd name, the service (still in beta) is definitely worth checking out. Essentially, the idea is "if" something happens, then the service triggers something to "then" happen. For example, if I really want to find a Subaru Impreza on Craigslist, I set that as a trigger and then set how I want to be alerted, by email, text message, Google Chat, even a phone call. The number of options is really staggering, and the site offers a number of "recipes" for formulas that other users have already created in case you can't think of ways to make your life better right off the bat. I personally think I'll set up a series of alerts based around the horrifying idea that someone tagged me in a Facebook photo, so I can react swiftly to erase any evidence of my bodily form. Technology! Amazing, right?