Editor's Note

Meet J.M.

On May 5, in this very space, I wrote these words: "Later this year, when Arizona's medical-marijuana system is approaching functionality, we will start featuring a regular column of medical-marijuana reviews."

With that, we started searching for a medical-marijuana critic/columnist. I had no idea that the Tucson Weekly was embarking down a path that would be so ... strange.

I never imagined that I'd be quoted in a sensationalistic British-tabloid story regarding the search. Nor did I imagine that I'd wind up as a guest on the SiriusXM Playboy Radio Morning Show. Well, thanks to our marijuana-critic search announcement, guess what happened?

Anyway, that path ends this week, with the debut of our new medical-marijuana column—which we're calling Medical MJ—and our new medical-marijuana columnist, J.M. Smith. Check it out.

The original plan for the column was to review the medical-marijuana dispensaries that should have been opening about now, thanks to Arizona voters' approval of a medical-marijuana system last year.

Of course, our lovely governor and attorney general got involved, and asked the feds for clarification on whether or not the state's marijuana system was OK. The feds responded, sort of, in a way that's been anything but clarifying. And now ... well, needless to say, we do not have any dispensaries around to review.

However, there are other medical-marijuana-related organizations and businesses that have set up shop; J.M. will check out these places. He'll also cover the legal maneuverings of the state and the feds regarding medical marijuana. And hopefully, one day, he'll finally get to review some dispensaries, like we planned.


In any case, we welcome J.M. to the Tucson Weekly family. As always, holler if you have any feedback on J.M.'s column—or anything else, for that matter.