This Week in Tucson Bicycling

Officials in the city and bike community began discussing a tax on new bicycle purchases this week. Check out where the money would go and why bike advocates hope it will prevent people from saying cyclists don't pay their fair share.

Jay Rochlin uses his slow biking tips to climb up Mount Lemmon.
Generally people think bicycling is all about racing and riding fast, but our contributor explains all about how to ride slow. Check out why and how he does it.

A Tucson mountain biker is named to the US World Championship team. Find out who it is and how she got there.

Over at Tucson Velo, we think riding your bike for transportation is a great way to save money, get fit and have fun. We told that to Arizona Illustrated. Check out the piece.

What do a Portland bicycle advocate and a world famous vegan chef have in common? I'm not sure either, but they are coming to Tucson on their Dinner and Bike Tour. Check it out.

Check out this Tucson Craigslist missed connection post about a motorists who almost hit a cyclist.