Planned Parenthood Arizona CEO: Why Court Ruling Is a Blow to Abortion Rights

Arizona’s abortion opponents had a good day in court last week, when the Arizona Court of Appeals lifted an injunction that blocked a 2009 law from going into effect.

As a result, abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood will now have to follow the provisions of Abortion Consent Act, whose provisions had been placed on hold by a lower court.

Gov. Jan Brewer cheered the decision as “a great day for Arizona women and parents.”

“The 2009 Abortion Consent Act empowers women by giving them the objective information they need prior to deciding whether to have an abortion,” Brewer said in a statement. “Women deserve all the facts from their physician, in-person, before making such a critical decision. Today’s court decision will help guarantee that.”

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood Arizona CEO Bryan Howard disagrees.

“There’s no scenario that came out of last week that’s a good one in terms of real-life Arizona women,” Howard says. “We have to figure out what the implications are.”

Without getting too deeply into the details, the legal situation is complicated. We’ll try to explain in a future post, but here’s the nutshell: