This Courtyard is Amazing. The Food Is, Too.


That elephant mural to the right is like twenty feet tall and was painted by local muralist Rocky Martinez. It is one of many elements in this amazing courtyard at V Fine Thai Dining on the corner of Congress Street and Stone Avenue. You can check out a bunch of pictures of the place here.

Owner Vila Jarrell really pulled out all the stops for her newest restaurant, which pays equal homage to the local art scene and the culture of Thailand. She used to own and operate Vila Thai near the UA, which closed when her new restaurant opened earlier this year.

The courtyard area is as much a sculpture garden as it is a lounge area, with giant metal insects and flowers intermingling with couches Jarrell says are upholstered in the same colors as the robes worn by Buddhist monks. Lighting is soft, but ample. Everything is stone, wood, bamboo and metal. A nearby high-rise provides a blue-tile wall that resembles waterfall, if you squint just a bit. At night, a giant “V” is projected upon it.

The inside is done in equally soft tones, with pictures of Thai culture and a lot more art. Bamboo, rugs, modern metal and wood furniture and a small bar fill the rest of the space.

Now we must talk about the food, if only for a second.