Things We Can Learn from a Bed Bath & Beyond Catalog

Dirty feet are clean in a flash with the Easy Feet foot washer.

Bed Bath & Beyond did it again — and the results are not always pretty. Anyone who has shopped there at least once, which is most likely everybody, and happens to get their address on file also happens to get seductive discount coupons mailed to them on a regular basis.

Change your address with a move and the coupons are even more seductive, with even bigger discounts. Don’t buy something for a spell and your coupons start coming with a catalog, just to remind you of all sorts of things you never knew existed but suddenly need with a rabid furor that borders on insanity.

This is where things can get a little ugly. The latest Tucson-area catalog is stocked with items that everyone must have in his or her home, workplace, dorm room or yard — which also illustrate the sad state of the American public. If we pretend we are space aliens and base our assessment of the human race solely on items available in a Bed Bath & Beyond catalog, we come to a sad assessment indeed: humans are basically lazy, paranoid, and organized to the point of being anal.