Editor's Note: A 710 Celebration

With recreational cannabis now legal in Arizona, there are a lot more people who can celebrate 710, the second-biggest holiday marijuana holiday. (In case you’re wondering why the cannabis community landed on July 10: If you turn 710 upside-down, it spells “oil,” a reference to extracts produced when you process marijuana plants.) Sure, like 420, the other cannabis holiday, it seems a little silly and made up, but aren’t all holidays made up? July 10 is now a big deal in the cannabis community and most of our local dispensaries are featuring all kinds of deals, so celebrate as you see fit.

This week, our Tucson Weedly columnist David Abbott bring us two stories. One explains exactly what this oil stuff is—marijuana concentrate, produced by squeezing the leaves and bud and using a solvent to extract an oil loaded with THC. The other looks at how Dr. Sue Sisley, who was stymied in her efforts to study whether cannabis was helpful for the treatment of PTSD in veterans, has continued her research in Maricopa County, but not without facing a lot of hurdles.

Elsewhere in the book this week: Staff writer Christina Duran finds good news about COVID (the number of infections remain low) and the bad news about COVID (it’s still here and it’s getting harder to get people vaccinated); former state lawmaker and current CEO of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona Steve Farley tells you how to help the organization improve the lives of animals in Cochise County; columnist Tom Danehy reflects on the challenges facing our democracy; movie critic Bob Grimm gets more of that fine Marvel venom in his veins after watching Black Widow; calendar editor Emily Dieckman brings us a list of fun things to do this week; and there’s plenty more, including Tucson’s best horoscope, sex column, crossword puzzle and comics.

Speaking of the best: Voting in the first round of this year’s Best of Tucson® competition ends on July 12, so get over to TucsonWeekly.com and cast your ballot!

Jim Nintzel, Executive Editor

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