Tucson songwriter showcase at MSA Annex this weekend

Folk musician David Huckfelt has gathered several notable names from the Tucson music scene to celebrate the release of his new album “Room Enough, Time Enough.” On Saturday, Feb. 20, at 6 p.m., Huckfelt will be joined for a “songwriter circle” by XIXA frontman Gabriel Sullivan, blues singer Billy Sedlmayr and Giant Sand founder Howe Gelb — all of whom perform on Huckfelt’s new album.

“I think about records geographically, and what a special jewel Tucson is artistically speaking,” Huckfelt said of his new album. “There’s so many people I wanted to include. We kept building the table a little bit longer and the tent a little bit wider with each step of this record. It did snowball a little bit, but there was always this idea to have an outlandish posse of people on this record.”

The socially distanced outdoor show has a limited capacity with masks required, and tickets are selling fast. However, you can also view the show from home with a free Youtube live stream.

Purchase tickets here, and tune in for the live-stream here.

In addition, Huckfelt will perform with folk singer Charlie Parr at Monterey Court next Wednesday, Feb. 24, at 7 p.m.