Idiot Boksen - The Reign of King Louie

  • FX

Before I get into the two FX premieres last night, I'd like to bid pained adieu to The Onion Sportsdome, which was canceled by Comedy Central this week. I can't say it's a surprising cut since the show was so polarizing. I thought it was one of the two most innovative comedies on television, an impressive feat considering it was both a satire of ESPN's self-important sports reporting and frantically surreal. Sportsdome's cancellation reminds me of another short-lived comedy show which was also fast-paced, weird, and polarizing: The Dana Carvey Show. Maybe Sportsdome had the next Stephen Colbert and Louis C.K. in their writing ranks.

Speaking of Louis C.K., the other most innovative comedy on television returned for a second season last night.