Writer's Block: Shelley Rosenberg

Accessing Intuition by Sonoita author Shelley Rosenberg has been published. The book outlines "strategies for learning to access and understand our inner voice."


In Accessing Your Intuition, author and equine instructor Shelley R. Rosenberg candidly reveals personal instances in which she gradually began listening to and acting on her intuition. Serving as a progressive guide aiming to help readers develop a stronger relationship with their own intuition, the book includes interactive workbook pages encouraging readers to embrace their own insight and fully comprehend the potential of accessing their inner voice by exploring ways in which they’ve used it in the past.

Rosenberg, who has had more than 40 years of experience riding and teaching in the equine industry, uses her knowledge in working with the animals to emphasize the ability of all individuals to access their intuition.

“My book aims to help people learn to use their intuition as information in order to live a more peaceful, connected life with both animals and human partners,” says Rosenberg. “The mind perceives intuition, and from that, we have a choice. Intuition is simply understanding without judgment.”

For Rosenberg, Accessing Your Intuition is also the theme of a two-day introduction to the “Riding Into Your Mutual Relationship” workshop that she teaches to those who seek to connect with their horse and transfer these intuitive skills into personal relationships.

“It’s really about gut feelings,” says Rosenberg. “I have finally learned to stop apprehension of my conditioned self-voice and listen to my body for clear direction to act accordingly and step in a new direction.”

For more information, visit www.shelleyrosenberg.com.

About the author

Shelley R. Rosenberg is an advanced instructor at the Epona Center, an international integrated riding program in Sonoita, Ariz. She offers individual and group equine experiential learning sessions in which she uses her expertise to develop open communication and strong connections between participants and horses, applying the skills to human relationships.

Rosenberg is an “L” graduate of the United States Dressage Foundation and has more than 40 years of riding and teaching experience with horses of a variety of breeds and backgrounds. Having successfully competed for the long list on the U.S. Olympic equestrian team, she continues to conduct dressage clinics worldwide. This is her second book, following My Horses, My Healers.