County orders property owner to return water service to his tenants

The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality hand-delivered an abatement order to a northwest-side apartment complex owner for causing a public health nuisance to the complex’s tenants by shutting off the water supply.

The county ordered GR Partners Casas Adobes to restore potable water service within 24 hours of receiving the notice or PDEQ will do it for them and send the property owner the bill.

Residents of the 204-unit Casas Adobes Apartment Homes, located at 6200 N. Oracle Road, have been without running water and “unable to bathe, flush toilets or maintain hand hygiene since” Saturday, Dec. 26, according to the order.

PDEQ received complaints from multiple residents over four consecutive days between Dec. 26 and Dec. 29, when a PDEQ inspector surveyed the situation at the apartment complex.

While residents wait for their water to turn back on, GR Partners Casas Adobes is also ordered to provide alternate sanitation and water provisions to residents including:

  • 11 portable toilets, two must be ADA accessible
  • Four total sink stations
  • One gallon of drinking water per day for each resident
  • Three gallons of clean water for bathing for each resident
  • Provide a fire watch coordinated with the responding fire department.

GR Capital Partners Casas Adobes was unavailable for comment. The property owners are an offshoot of Colorado real estate firm GR Partners, who purchased the complex for $11.75 million in 2016.