Ganja Gift Guide 2020: For the Cardholder on Your List

With just two weeks of shopping left until the Big Day, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And while the stocking stuffers we are highlighting this year can only be purchased by cardholders and can only be given to cardholders (IT'S THE LAW!), these fine products and many more will soon be available for anyone over 21, thanks to the passage of Prop 207, which legalized adult recreational cannabis use. And that's a great gift for those who don't want to go through the hassle of getting a medical card. Enjoy the high holidays!

Timeless Gift Box

The Timeless Holiday Box will bring a big smile to anyone who enjoys cannabis. It contains two seasonally flavored vape cartridges—cranberry OG and blackberry kush—along with a sneak peak at two more cartridges—Jack Herer and Cookies—that will be available in 2021 from Timeless Noir, prepared from freshly harvested, whole flower extractions, which helps ensure fresh terpenes and a solid encourage effect. Our reviewer found the Jack Herer Noir—made from a hybrid of sativa and indica that can help with anxiety and depression—to be a clean hitter with a bit of a tart taste. Although the effects did not last for a particularly long time, they were certainly pleasant and alleviating for an hour or two. On top of that, the gift box contains a Timeless battery and a flip case, as well as a package of medicated gummies produced in collaboration with Good Things Coming that feature a cranberry-orange flavor along with a recipe for making dosed cranberry sauce. (Of course, you can skip the cooking and just eat the 20mg gummies.) Timeless makes some of the finest cartridges out there, so this a fine gift to find beneath the Christmas tree.

HiKeto Chocolate Chip Cookies.

If you have a friend who has embraced the low-carb lifestyle but still enjoys edibles, Downtown Dispensary/D2's HiKeto chocolate chip cookies offer a guilty-free way of sticking to the diet while still enjoying something sweet. These 10mg cookies are sweetened with sugar alcohols, which means you can have a cookie without boosting your blood-sugar levels. The cookies are crunchy and delicious, providing the relief you're seeking with your medicine. Just don't leave them out for Santa—we don't want to fat-shame Father Christmas.

IO.Extracts Wax

If the person you're shopping for is having trouble with the whole social distancing thing, this product is for them. Locally based IO.Extracts—created by the fine folks at Nature Med—produces some of the finest cannabis concentrates this side of the Gila River. One gram of their wax should carry your friend well into the new year. Whether you use a water pipe, dab rig or just put a little dab on top of a bowl of flower, IO.Extracts wax will certainly cure your holiday blues while making sure you're content to zone out to a near-endless stream of Christmas specials.

THC Wellness infused tincture, various flavors

THC Wellness—and its sister company, CBD Wellness—produce potent tinctures that are perfect for anyone who doesn't enjoy sweet concoctions such as brownies or cookies. These tinctures, which come in a medicine bottle with a dropper to measure your dose, are infused with light flavoring of mint, orange, lemon and the like. The mint flavor will leave your mouth—and mind—minty fresh and ready to take on the day or help you relax ahead of bedtime. One of our reviewers enjoyed a full dropper ahead of a long hike and barely noticed the miles passing by. Another full dose at bedtime helped him get a good night's sleep and he awoke rested and refreshed with no groggy hangover.

A pack of Dutchies

Sure, there are plenty of pre-rolls out there, but nothing beats the Dutchie brand of a half-dozen, beautifully rolled joints in a cardboard cigarette box. Each cig contains a half-gram of premium bud. They burn evenly right down to the filter, so there's no canoe effect that you have to try to counter with your spit-soaked fingers. And the rich flavor can't be beat. Sometime you just want to forego the edibles, the wax, the cartridges and just smoke a joint, y'know? And you're sure to make someone happy when they find this box in their stocking. These are made by Hana Med, though you don't have to go all the way to Green Valley to get a pack; they're sold in dispensaries all around Tucson.

Halo Bar

Don't be fooled by the dog on the packaging with the tagline: "Who's a Good Bar?" This is not medicine for your dog, but for humans. Smooth and tasty, the 180 mg bar breaks down into 12 doses weighing in at 15mg each, just enough to start the day with a mellow buzz that is not overwhelming, so you won't be on the couch all day (unless you want to be). Available in milk or white chocolate, this is an ideal stocking stuffer for the patient with a sweet tooth who needs to get through the holiday COVID lockdown, when all there is to do is work around the house or walk around the neighborhood, fully masked and within the curfew, of course. It's the ideal preparation for watching TV, having a Zoom meeting with family or reading and writing that great American dystopian novel you've been thinking about for years.

iLava Entourage Cartridge

This small oil cartridge, created by the hardworking elves at Downtown Dispensary/D2, packs a punch thanks to its wide array cannabinoids. Aptly named, the "entourage effect" is in full force, with test results indicating the formula contains similar amounts of CBD, CBG and different varieties of THC. For the user, this means a full body-and-mind high of elating effects, which come on quickly and last for several hours. 500 mg might be on the smaller side for cartridges, but this should last a while thanks to its punch. The oil formula isn't particularly flavored, so the aftertaste might be off putting to some. But the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks for this powerful vape cartridge from iLava.

Select Fast-Acting Nano Gummies

One of the downsides of edibles: It can take a while for the effect to kick in. But Select has developed a gummy that allows for faster absorption by the body, so your gift recipient will be experiencing liftoff in no time. It also moves through the body more quickly, so the high will pass more rapidly and you won't be on the couch all night. We found the Sour Blues to be tasty and a wonderful experience.

Halo Cannabliss 420 Green Pepper Sauce

Halo's Cannabliss 420 Hot Sauce has done it again with their indica-infused green pepper sauce. Unlike the brand's original sativa-infused, vinegar-based red hot sauce that's perfect on chicken wings and pizza, the green sauce pairs well with roast chicken, carne asada and breakfast burritos. Loaded with tomatillos, jalapenos, cayenne pepper and other natural flavors, this sauce is big on flavor without any sort of unwanted cannabis aftertaste. Just like Cannabliss' original red 420 Hot Sauce, the green sauce is chock full of broad spectrum cannabinoids that not only leave your mind feeling good, but leaves your body in a state of relaxation. Try it on an omelette during your next Sunday funday brunch.