County Closing Trails Into Coronado Nat'l Forest

A bulletin from Pima County:

Due to extreme fire danger and concern for public safety, Pima County will close trails and trailheads that allow access to the Coronado National Forest and Rincon District of Saguaro National Park starting Thursday, June 9. Both the Coronado National Forest and the Rincon District will be closed to public entry on the same date.

The county is restricting smoking in Agua Caliente Park immediately and may also put into place smoking and open-flame restrictions in other parks. Restrictions will be posted at public access points at the affected parks. The public is encouraged to use extreme caution with any flammable materials in any park. Updates on county park and trail closures can be found at www/

Closures are expected to be lifted once the summer rains, expected in late July or August, reduce the elevated wildfire threat to more normal conditions.

The temporary closures will apply to the following county trails or trailheads:

Iris Dewhirst Pima Canyon
Linda Vista
Campbell Avenue
Richard McKee Finger Rock
Ventana Canyon
Bear Canyon
Avenida de Suzenu
Agua Caliente Hill
Cienega Creek Nature Preserve
Empirita Ranch
Colossal Cave Road
Colossal Cave Mountain Park Arizona Trail Access
Davidson Canyon Cienega Creek
Catalina Regional Park