Editor's Note: Be Best


Here it is: Best of Tucson

our annual celebration of this town's finest businesses. My thanks to everyone, from the readers who voted to the entire staff here at Tucson Local Media who put their shoulders to the wheel to make it happen to the advertisers who made it possible to publish "The Lost Treasures of Tucson."

This was perhaps the hardest Best of Tucson issue I've been involved with during my long tenure here at Tucson Weekly. Putting the publication together wasn't any harder than other years, but it was heartbreaking at times to realize how many of our winners are facing hard times in 2020 because of this damned pandemic. Please support these and other local businesses. They employ our friends and they make Tucson a better place. Some have already closed their doors for good and others won't be back to fighting strength for months to come.

Elsewhere in this issue: Staff reporter Nicole Ludden takes a look at the race for Pima County Sheriff; managing editor Austin Counts introduces us to MMA fighter Casey Kenney, who has to travel to Abu Dhabi to find a place to fight because the pandemic has scotched matches in the United States; The Skinny looks at how Sen. Martha McSally is still lying about her record on health care as she trails challenger Mark Kelly in the polls; Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith focuses on Drew Berryhill, who is fighting to keep a plant nursery going as he faces big hurdles from his landlord; Cannabis 520 columnist David Abbott looks at the latest polls and fundraising numbers in the battle over Prop 207, which would legalize recreational weed (spoiler warning: The polls show the initiative is likely to pass and supporters have far outraised opponents); associate editor Jeff Gardner introduces you to Desert Angels, who are releasing a "cosmic Americana" album; and of course we have the usual columns, cartoons, puzzles and such to keep you entertained as you flip through our pages.

My best to you!

Jim Nintzel

Executive Editor

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