Now Stream This: Films Opening at Loft Include One Where Teens Blow Up Real Good

As the election approaches, you are probably watching way too much news and Trump COVID updates. (His little "I'm OK!" videos are great primers for Halloween season!) The Loft Cinema continues to offer great at-home entertainment options, along with the ongoing Open Air Cinema Series. (One of this week's featured outdoor films is John Carpenter's The Thing, a great primer for Donald Trumps' creepy "I'm OK!" videos!)

The week's new streaming offers include the following:


Get ready to get Triggered by this action-packed horror thrill-ride in which friendships are made to be broken, bloodied and blown sky high!

Major Arcana

A carpenter struggles to move beyond his troubled past when he returns to his hometown to mend relationships and finds solace in building a log cabin by hand.

Dating Amber

The rare teen comedy in which the gay best friends take center stage, Dating Amber shows that while fleeting romantic love is nice, sometimes the deep power of friendship can transform us most of all.

My Name is Pedro

The inspiring, award-winning documentary My Name Is Pedro is an essential and timely reminder of the importance of the great educators who exist within our country’s public-education system.