In Unsurprising News: Palin Has No Plans To Run for U.S. Senate

Corey Rangel, a reporter for ABC-15 in Phoenix, was at Sky Harbor Airport and ran into Sarah Palin, who is taking a break from giving impromptu history lessons on her buscapade and retreating to her new Scottsdale estate. He asked her if she was planning on running for retiring U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl's seat:

She didn't answer the question about running for President, but did talk about a run for Arizona Senate.

"That's not, that's not what my plan is, no. Haven't really considered that at all but thanks for have some great senators here though, I appreciate both of them," said Palin.

This comes as no big surprise to The Range. Being in the Senate would be a big pay cut and a lot more work than occasionally writing Facebook posts and criticizing Obama on Fox News. Besides, her eye is on a bigger prize: The White House. Why else do you take a "family vacation" around the East Coast in a bus emblazoned with your name? (BTW: Have you ever heard of anyone flying across the country to take a vacation from their vacation?)

Piper seemed pretty impatient with her mom's interview with Rangel, but at least she didn't bodycheck him, as she did this Philadelphia reporter:

Raw Video: Sarah Palin In Philly: