City Hall Brawl: Just Who Is Running for Mayor, Anyway?

With Republican Mayor Bob Walkup stepping down after three terms, seven candidates—two Democrats, two Republicans, two Greens and one independent—filed to run for mayor yesterday.

While it's unlikely that all of the candidates will survive legal challenges to their eligibility, here's how the race looks now:

Democrat Jonathan Rothschild, a Democrat, faces a potential primary opponent in Marshall Home, but Home will have to survive a legal challenge over his residency.

Two Republicans, real-estate broker Shaun McClusky and Ron Asta, are set to face each other in the Aug. 30 primary that will decide the GOP nominee.

Two Green Party candidates, Dave Croteau and Mary DeCamp, will face each other in the Green Party primary. Tucson is home to 840 registered Green Party members, according the Pima County Recorder's Web site.

The primary winners are now set to face former major-league pitcher Pat Darcy in the Nov. 8 general election.

The Democrats

In a city of roughly 98,500 Democrats and 55,700 Republicans, you’d think Democrats would have a lock on City Hall.

But for the last 12 years, Republican Bob Walkup controlled the top floor of City Hall. Four years ago, the Democrats didn’t even bother fielding a candidate against Walkup.

With Walkup calling it quits, Democrats see an opportunity to take back the mayor’s office.