This July and August Were Tucson's Hottest Ever

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Jeff Gardner
As if 2020 wasn't already tough enough, data reported by the National Weather Service reveals that this August was the hottest month ever recorded in Tucson, beating the previous record held by … this July.

Both months combined to make this summer Tucson's hottest in all 125 years of weather records. According to data collected by NWS, this August held a combined average temperature of 92 degrees. This July held a combined average of 91.5 degrees. Before these last two months, the hottest monthly average was in July 2005 at nearly a full degree lower.

The average August temperature over the last 125 years is 84.7 degrees, and the average July temperature for the same range is 86.5. These temperatures are not daily highs, but averages over the entire month—highs and lows.

And while these last two were the hottest months on average, the maximum temperature recorded in Tucson was in June 1990 at 117 degrees.