Tucson as Western Fountain of Youth: How Desert Heat and Sun Keeps us Sexy, Young

Tucsons desert heat and sun does wonders for saguaro, too.

With another birthday barreling around the bend, it’s only natural that I spent the past week doing what many folks do around birthday time: staring in the mirror looking for wrinkles.

Despite people warning me that if I moved to Tucson, within a matter of weeks, I’d look like an old leather shoe, I am still glad to say I have not seen any wrinkles.

It might help that my bathroom mirror is surrounded by 40-watt light bulbs. Or it could be that Tucson is a miraculous oasis for retaining youth and beauty. I prefer to believe the latter, which also explains why so many retirees flock here.

Tucson is the Western Fountain of Youth.

The weather is largely to thank, as Tucson’s sunshine puts people in a better mood than the gray skies of Saskatchewan or the grimy smog of Los Angeles. When you’re in a good mood, things are rosy, and a positive outlook can actually increase your lifespan.

Although Good Housekeeping says a positive outlook prolonging your life works best if you start the positive thinking when you’re very young, there’s no harm in crotchety old people attempting to improve their mood, outlook and lifespan, too.