Police Dispatch



An elderly woman's adult daughter had an extreme temper tantrum when she was denied some spending money, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The subject's brother told deputies that at 6 a.m., his sister pounded on the front security door of their 89-year-old mother's house, where he and his mother had been sleeping. The brother said he awoke to the sound of his sister and mother arguing in the kitchen, where the sister was demanding that the mother write her a check for $20. The mother didn't want to give her "any more money," the brother said; his sister then appeared to try to wrestle the checkbook away from the mother. It was not clear how she planned on obtaining her mother's signature on a check.

The brother said he moved his sister away from their mother before any violence occurred. While he was moving her, he said, she pulled his hair.

The brother said his sister had been asking for $20 for bus fare and/or to get to a doctor's appointment. The mother, however, said that she'd given the daughter $20 the last few mornings, and the daughter would return in the afternoon "high on drugs."

Deputies arrested the daughter for domestic violence and disorderly conduct. While being handcuffed, the subject struggled and repeatedly yelled out to her mother that all she wanted was $20. "It appeared the $20 was the most important thing," the report stated.



A misbehaving boy apparently formed strong conceptions about imprisonment by contrasting it favorably with school, a PCSD report stated.

A deputy met with staffers at Harelson Elementary School, 826 W. Chapala Drive, where he was told a young male had been playing with a group of other kids when he suddenly began to pick up insects and throw them at his peers. He then yelled, screamed, tore things up and crumpled nearby papers. When teachers and tried to restrain him, he reportedly spit on them and kicked them. No teachers were injured.

The reporting deputy told the boy that the way he'd acted was wrong, and that if he continued with that type of behavior, he would end up in jail. The boy replied that "he did not care; he thought jail was a good place, and it would be better than being at school." The deputy explained to him "that it would not be better."

School staff members declined to pursue criminal charges but wanted the incident documented.