Now Stream This: Gordon Lightfoot and a Crazy Lake Monster Highlight New Films in The Loft's Stream At Home Series

The Loft's streaming series continues this week with a wide range of cinematic treats for you to enjoy at home. No doubt, this week's offerings are some of the most eclectic, interesting, and entertaining looking films of the series so far.

Here are the six new films now available for streaming...visit their website for details on how to order:

Lake Michigan Monster

This one looks nuts. Absolutely nuts. Made with a an oddly retro look, it looks like a hallucinatory cousin to the recent The Lighthouse, a movie that already made you feel like you were on acid when you were watching it.

The Cuban

Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr., having a nice recent comeback (sweet appearance in The Watchmen) stars as an aging musician with dementia.

The Fight

A new documentary from the makers of Weiner and RBG chronicling the court fights involving your dopey President's many attacks on your civil rights. For more info on The Loft's screening for this film, see Jeff Gardner's write-up here.

Rebuilding Paradise

A couple of years ago, I drove through the wonderful Paradise, California on a quick trip to the west coast. Beautiful place. A week later, it had all burned to the ground. Director Ron Howard's documentary tells the story of the community's recovery efforts.

Days of the Whale

Two graffiti artists create a tagged art collective in Medellin in this drama from director Catalina Arroyave Restrepo.

Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind

Holy cow, somebody has finally made a documentary about Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot! I've been on a Lightfoot kick recently (I often command Alexa to provide me with his tunes when I'm in dire need of settling down). Artists (Including members of Rush!) reflect on the now 80-year old's contributions to musical history.