New Names

A simultaneously joyous and sad aspect of being in the newspaper business is that staffers and contributors come and go with frequency. This month, Weekly World Central is experiencing a lot of comings and goings.

First off, we have a new art director. Andrew Arthur recently moved to Southern Arizona after spending four-plus years editing and designing at the Mineral Daily News-Tribune in Keyser, W.Va. While there, the graduate of West Virginia University racked up a bunch of awards, as I am sure he'll do here.

Andrew is taking over for Adam Kurtz, who is moving ... well, about 8 feet, into a new office in our building. After four years and a bunch of acclaim as our art director, he's taken a new gig with our parent company, Wick Communications. As the central design operations manager—sounds fancy, don't it?—he'll oversee the design work on advertisements for various Wick papers, including the Tucson Weekly. Two of our current graphic designers, Andrew Ling and Greg Willhite, will be making the (non-)move with Adam into the new central-design operation. I'd say they'll all be missed, but they're all still here, so ... yeah.

We will miss Nathan Christensen, though. After about two years as one of our freelance theater critics, his final regular theater review appears in this week's issue. (However, we still hope he'll contribute to the Weekly here and there.) While we'll miss Nathan's reviews, we're excited for him and his new effort, The Matinee Show, a series of old-fashioned variety shows showcasing local actors that debuts this week. Look for more about The Matinee Show in these pages in coming weeks.

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to our fine spring college-intern editorial group: Shain Bergan, Tyler Kurbat and Jazmine Woodberry. They'll all do great things. Trust me.