Green Party Pseudo-Candidate Endorses Republican for Mayor?

If you're going by Facebook "likes", Jon McLane was seven times more likely to be mayor than Ron Asta (he's up to 12 likes!), but he's bowing out of a race he wasn't actually likely to be eligible for. Even better, he's joining the campaign of Republican/anti-tax zealot Shaun McClusky and not of his fellow Green, Dave Croteau. His press release is beyond the cut.

I joined Tucson’s mayoral race to ensure the strategies and plans were in place to recover our economy, improve our educational system and protect our natural resources. As Mayor, I thought I could deliver a concerted focus on sustainability that would allow our city government and residents to minimize or even eliminate the need to outsource dollars that should be staying in Tucson—money for energy, fuel and water that could be better spent here at home.

I am a proud member and elected officer of the Green Party of Pima County. Yet since the inception of the Green party of Pima County more than twenty years ago, our registered voter count is a humble eight hundred and fifty seven in the City of Tucson.

This humble number of registered Greens has to be accounted for. Not only for the sake of the members who have put their faith in our leadership, but for the two hundred thousand registered voters in the city of Tucson who do not believe in the Green party or our ability to create a sustainable city. This is an issue that the Green Party of Pima County, including myself is accountable for.

While the Green party of Pima County is an amazing organization, and I wish Dave Croteau the best in his recently announced campaign, I have decided to withdraw from the Tucson mayoral race. The Green Party of Pima County is an amazing organization, and I will continue to serve as At-Large Representative with the Green Party — the path that I believe will provide the most direct impact for creating a sustainable Tucson.

While I will not be running for Mayor myself, I have decided to join the campaign committee and act as chair of the Sustainability Committee for Shaun McClusky, Republican Mayoral candidate. After meeting Shaun I was impressed not only by his knowledge on local issues, but his precise plans and strategies for rebuilding Tucson.
Subsequent conversations with Shaun, including one about practical ideas to solve our water shortage issues, showed me that Shaun McClusky has ideas, openness and courage to be a good leader for a more sustainable Tucson. He doesn’t make decisions by what the status quo demands.

Thank you, to Ron Asta, Marshall Home, Dave Croteau, and Jonathan Rothschild for the invitations to join your campaign committees. I have become close with all of the mayoral candidates, but Shaun McClusky is the most inspiring candidate in this race, and I am confident that he will have the ability to rebuild Tucson in a vibrant, sustainable, economical way. With my help and the help of other local resource professionals he will be able to model Tucson as the first sustainable city in the United States of America.

Thank you, to all of my supporters who share the same vision for Tucson that I do. With your support I will continue to dedicate myself in service to you, to the Green Party of Pima County, to the City of Tucson, and to the State of Arizona.