Editor's Note

Rat Patrol

Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith returns to our pages with a profile of Eric Ivey, an Air Force vet who now makes his living trapping varmints and pests. It's hardly an easy gig, especially as our temps increase, but Ivey does it with little complaint. He's humane about it, too, trapping the animals and relocating them rather than killing them. Well, except for the gophers. Find the details starting on Page 8.

Elsewhere in the book this week: I write about the latest on the local response to the pandemic on Page 6; staff reporter Austin Counts looks at the battle over Pima County's emergency regulations for restaurants as they reopen their dining rooms on Page 7, as well as the Arizona Supreme Court's decision that backers of initiative campaigns will not have access to the state's E-Qual system to gather electronic signatures, despite the risks of gathering petitions during an outbreak on Page 10; and Cannabis 520 columnist Nick Meyers remembers marijuana advocate Mikel Weisser on Page 13.

You'll also find a roundup of the latest COVID-19 news on page 4. You'll find details on those stories at

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— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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