Tucson Medical Center Creates Diabetes Resource Page

For those who've lost their job or can no longer afford diabetes supplies due to COVID-19, Tucson Medical Center is hosting a diabetes resource page listing discounts and cost-saving information from the three major insulin manufacturers.

The page lists multiple manufacturer patient assistance programs from Sanofi, Eli Lilly, and Novo Nordisk, and even breaks down types of insulin coverage for those with and without insurance. For instance, those impacted by COVID-19 can receive a free 90-day supply from Novo Nordisk. After 90 days, Novo Nordisk will check back to see if continued assistance is needed.
According to TMC's resource page, if you do not have insurance and need a health care provider in order to get a prescription, you can call El Rio Health, (520) 670-3909 or Marana Health Center, (520) 682-4111. Both of these health care facilities offer a sliding-scale fee for services.

If you currently do not have insurance, you can sign up for one of the manufacturers' savings card programs, their patient assistance programs, or can fill your prescription at Walmart which offers ReliOn human insulin for $25.