Self-Employment in Tucson: Making Working for Yourself Work

Marketing 101: Signs work well on street corners.

Tucson is a great place to be self-employed — as long as you can make it work.

These wonderful words of wisdom came from an ambitious and creative woman who started her own pet publication a few years back. It rocked. It ruled. It ran one of my stories and several of my doggie horoscopes.

Its print edition and website are now both defunct.

I’ve become intimate with self-employment in the field of writing and art since leaving my full-time gig in December. Making self-employment work is definitely the tough part of the equation, although it can be done with enough savvy, ambition — and adequate sleep. It also helps to remain positive.

Before we continue, we must clear up the difference between self-employment and unemployment. Unemployment lets you sit around and collect a government check. Self-employment works your butt off, possibly making less than you would with that government check, while paying astronomic taxes on the whole deal.

The self-employment blues run in a monthly cycle, not unlike another monthly cycle that leaves many pained, cranky and wanting to vomit. With self-employment, the early part of the month kicks off with glee, ambition and a fresh calendar to stock with all types of fun assignments.

Week one cranks by at a typing speed of 135 wpm, several juicy PayPal deposits and a fresh perspective. Then the same old assignments get boring.