Sharon Lin, Geography Spelling Renegade

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From "Finding the Bottom":

At one time, the news about even lower Tuscon housing prices would have been wonderful. My husband and I have made several trips to southern AZ to look at real estate. We've looked in Cochise, Pinal, Maricopa, and Pima counties. We're the lucky retired government employees who have a house in the DC area that's paid for, savings to pay cash for our future retirement home, great health insurance and pensions. We started subscribing to the AZ Daily Star and Tucson Weekly to get a feel for the politics, social, and financial issues of the area. Thanks to the national TV stations and newspapers, we've gotten the feel. We've come to the conclusion that Tuscon isn't a good fit for us. Since Tuscon is in Pima County, we are eliminating the whole county for our real estate search. I think of the saying, "as you sow, so shall you reap." I agree totally with Tucson and Pima County's desire to secede from AZ. You really should be annexed to Mexico.

Yes, it's Tuscon to me, not Tucson.

and from "Jon Justice: 'Call Chuck Huckelberry and Tell Him to Fire Richard Elias'":

The comment about people avoiding AZ is true. We live on the east coast and have taken yearly, sometimes twice yearly, vacations in AZ since 1985. We still have great memories of wonderful trips taken throughout the state, and being avid birders and hikers, we have been everywhere. We've been looking at AZ real estate for several years on the Internet and have made several trips to southern AZ to look at properties. The national news stations portray Tucson as a crazy place that visitors and woud-be retirees should avoid. Our friends have been questioning us for a while about why we would want to visit, and actually consider buying a property there. We've decided that we're better off just visiting the area for a few weeks at a time, and not commit ourselves to buying a property.