In Advance Of Honeyden, The Rifle Asks "Are We Having Fun Yet?"

With a salvo, in advance of a new album, Honeyden (Burger Records, 2020), scheduled to drop on Jan. 31, gunsmoke-diffused indie rockers The Rifle are breadcrumbing fans with a trail of singles.

Nelene Deguzman reflects on the backstory to “Are We Having Fun Yet?", revisiting a difficult time in her life in hindsight.

“I was remembering a time in my life in middle school and high school when offensive racial humor was really popular,” says Deguzman. She was labelled a stick in the mud by some classmates for not finding humor in racial stereotyping funny. “I remember feeling really misunderstood and isolated as one of the only non-white kids at my school.”

With creeping determinism Deguzman expands, “The song started with me meditating on some of these experiences and wishing I could have a dialogue with my younger self.” And ended up being a way for her to consider feelings from a different perspective. “One that I hadn't been able to put into words at the time.”

Deguzman is excited.

“This is the first single from an album that we'll be releasing via Burger Records. And, we will be doing a small tour after we release the album.”

What blossomed out of a solo recording project in Deguzman’s bedroom has evolved into their third release. In good fashion, The Rifle commemorate the release of Honeyden, their latest full-length with a bash. On Friday, Jan. 31. At 191 Toole. Weekend Lovers and Casanova will bring party favors.

Check it out. “Are We Having Fun Yet?”